Different ways to share large files.


Instead of attach and send a large batch associated with individual data files, it can be additional convenient for your recipient in the event you simply just zip these data files directly into one particular file.

Previously needed to send out a large file but were held back because of the email providers’ attachment limits? Below we demonstrate the best way to rapidly discuss greater data files using a variety of services.




Once you try to attach several files which can be over 25 MB in size, Hotmail as well as Outlook.com will certainly prompt you to publish or upload your files for your SkyDrive account.Microsoft in fact beat Google to this particular characteristic using its SkyDrive integration regarding Hotmail & Outlook.com. If you utilize Microsoft’s online services, the process is actually smooth.

The recipient will receive a link to the file instead of the file itself in their inbox.




That one has a clean ,simple and easy-to-use interface ,There is no sign-up required and you can upload files as big as 5GB. It is one of the best free services for large file sharing. Unlike other services, your uploaded files are not deleted if they are not being downloaded on a regular basis — they are deleted only after it stays on their server for 30 days. Same like other services,here also you can only upload one file at a time i.e. multiple file upload not allowed.



Sling file:-

This kind of reasonably unidentified report web hosting assistance enables you to upload files as large as 50GB. Additionally, additionally, it enables you to upload multiple files immediately. Data are just deleted after a hundred and eighty days and nights associated with a sedentary lifestyle.Once uploaded, you can send the download and delete links to your email and also share the download link via email with three other people. There are no limits on the number of file downloads per month.




Bayfile has no restriction on the amount of downloading to your uploaded files along with supports data file sizes up to 5GB. This program shows  upload speed & time remaining but it is only for single upload at a time. The site takes away your current stored files soon after calendar month of inactivity i. e. after 30 days. When your data file can be uploaded, you are able to mail the  sharing and delete links to your friend’s email on the site itself and keep these helpful.




Yourfile link:-

This is another file sharing web site which does not require any kind of sin-up.  Same as another services you can upload files upto 5 GB in size which has unlimited downloads.YourFileLink removes uploaded files after 15 days. It also shows multiple advertisements,giving it a cluttered look. However, uploads did seem to move along a bit faster than the others.

Your File LInk



Google Drive:-


Gmail now has the ability to attach files stored in your Google Drive to emails. If you use Google Drive on your computer, you can place a large file in your Google Drive folder & it will be automatically uploaded to your Google Drive account.

Click Insert Files using Drive link at the bottom of the compose window when sending an email to attach an already-uploaded file or upload a new file. The files you attach here won’t actually be attached to the email you send, so they won’t take up space in anyone’s email inbox. Your recipient will receive a link they can click to download the attachment from your Google Drive storage.






TransferBifiles has more features, than other services, for example Chrome extension that integrates with Gmail for effortless uploading files. It has more features like giving password to that large files,set custome expiry Date, or obtain notified when the files are downloaded.For that you must have to sign-up to use these features. You can transfer the large file without signing up,but that file will expire in 5 days.




Yahoo YouSendit:-


Here First of all we have to sign in into Yahoo mail and then at the left you will see  “Application” – extend it and then click on Attach Large files.Then you can attach a file which do you want to transfer upto size 100MB to your mail & it will be removed after 30 days .


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