5 Reasons to Use Android over Windows

5 Reasons to Use Android over WindowsIn this article will show “5 Reasons to Use Android over Windows”.  Android phones have a lot more sales than windows phones, but the real question is whether android phones are really better than windows phones. We know that every OS has its ups and downs and at the end of the day if the negatives overweigh the positives then its not the right one. Also, the OS you want depends upon your needs and interests, and also the phones play a vital role in how the OS runs on the device. However, when we’re comparing Android and Windows, we find that Android offers a whole lot more than windows in many things. Here’s why.

Android phones offer in depth personalization, there is absolutely no competition to android when it comes to personalization. You can tweak your phone at many levels. For example, you can set different sounds for different apps which is not available on other operating systems. The control panel on your android phone is very much capable of controlling almost everything running on the device. You get a lot more access to your phone, which is very good for professional users.

File Manager:-
Android offers file manager which allows you to scan and browse files just like how you do on a computer which is something which is exclusive to android. You can move or delete locally stored files without the help of a computer. So android does something to give your phone at least partly, a computer like feel, you feel the real potential of a smart phone when you are using an android phone. If you are using a windows phone you cannot move or change downloaded files without making use of a computer which is a horrible downfall.

The Google Play Store has a remarkable number of apps and the windows app store cannot match the number or the diversity of apps offered by the Google Play Store which is obviously a very big disadvantage. Also, you would not find half the number of good apps that are available on the Google Play Store in the Windows App Store. You will also have to wait a lot more for updates if you’re using a windows phone.

LED Notification:-
If you’re an android user, you’d notice that most of the android devices provide an LED Notification light which starts blinking or flickering if you have a notification and I believe that its something which is not available on a windows phone. It might seem like a minor feature but it has a very major impact on your phone. Android users don’t have to check their phones every now and then to know if there are any notifications.

Mobiles at Various Price Points:-
Android phones start from a very budget level to super high end and that is another good thing about android. You can get android on very low end phones, so its affordable to that user who does not want to spend a great deal of money on phone but still wants an intuitive OS like Android to power his or her phone.

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