Android Apps for Women Security

Today the cases of atrocities on women are growing. In these type of cases mobile is play an important role for security of women. Now android is developing some apps for women security purpose. These apps are as follows –

  • FIGHTBACK :-Fight Back This app is developed by Mahindra Group. In earlier days this app was not free, customer have to pay for this app. But after Delhi gang rape this app is available  at free of cost. This app sends a message to your friend or contacts that “app user is in trouble” using GPS, GPRS, SMS, E-mail and Facebook. This app works on that mobile which supports Android Java. Through this app you can send SMS of your location using maps also.
  • Guardly :-Guardly This app is developed basically for women security purpose. This app place a phone call with your name, real-time location, emergency stroke to your selected friend circle. In this app you have to give full information in profile page e.g. date of birth, height, weight, blood group, eye-color, hair-color, etc. This app is also used in i-Pad, i-Phone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone etc.
  • OnWatch :-OnWatchThis is persona safety app. In emergency user can alert through this app to his friend or cops at 911. Through this app you can send ‘Time Based Alert’ just like if you are not reached on given time then within one hour it will alert to your family and your friends. This app has 6 personalized alert methods that allow you the flexibility to inform your friends, your Campus Police, local 911 or a combination of all three if you need help.
  • Life 360 Family Locator :-life360This is free app. In emergency this app inform your friends and family. Using this app you can find family member on private map. This app helps to know your family is safe or in trouble. Life360 shows safety places like hospitals, police stations, etc near to you as well as recent crimes nearby and registered sex offenders.
  • Street Safe :-StreetSafeThis application is developed on International Women’s day. It will call people to help you in any situation. This application has four features for emergency which would be started by just clicking on the button. These features are as – First, it automatically updates on your Facebook account with your current location. Second, SMS will be sent to selected contacts with your location. Third, an alarm is started with big volume on your mobile. This alarm is stopped only by you or after removal of battery of your phone. Fourth, call is placed to your selected emergency number.

Here we have covered 5 women security android apps, do you know any other android apps for women security then let us know in form of comments below.

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