Apple introduces iOS 8 with Notification center, Continuity, Family Sharing features

Here in this article i have listed out some points on “Apple introduces iOS 8 with Notification center, Continuity, Family Sharing features”.Finally iOS 8 is here!. After a revolution of iOS created by Apple over the last few years, they have come up with a better version by taking all reviews into concern. And thus expectations are high. Now lets have a deeper look into the features iOS 8 has to offer.

Apple introduces iOS 8 with Notification center, Continuity, Family  Sharing features NOTIFICATION CENTER : This has came up with some big difference which are quite appreciative. The best one to be mentioned is the feature that now lets you swipe down to reply immediately to a message and that extends all the way out to the unlock screen. This is the most interactive notification system and resembles that from OS X Mavericks.

They also gives easy access to the people you talk to the most by the feature that enlists the favourite contacts by double tapping to multitask. The mail features have also been undergone great changes. You could just swipe down to inbox from a mail you are composing. It helps one check things even in middle of drafting a mail and continue with the same by tapping at the bottom of the screen.

QUICK TYPE is a new version of keyboard in iOS 8. The auto suggestions help to auto fill quickly. This is very much context sensitive and hence comes up with words based on what you have already typed. It also knows who you are talking with and hence send right predictions for the type of conversation you have with that particular person.

CONTINUITY: This is an exclusive feature extending beyond iOS to iOS X Yosemite. One could switch from one device to another in an Apple’s entire software ecosystem with a single prompt since phone, iPad and computer will be aware of each other.

Most exciting feature of continuity is that you could extend this usage in phone calls, that is one could pick calls using Mac as a loudspeaker even when you have your phone plugged in other side of your house. You could also complete an uncompleted message in the phone while using a computer as it automatically adds an icon to the dock that prompts one to complete the message in the computer. The same applies while drafting the mail.

Though all these facilities are exciting the most used of the lot is the iMessage. One could go for group chats, name the thread, add and remove people and even set Do Ntot Disturb on person basis within a thread. They have also added Audio messages. One could send these with just a swipe on the little beacon on the right of the typing window and could all the same reply by just raising the phone to your ear. The beacon also offers you video messaging and location sharing. They also provides with self destructing of these audio and video chats after a specific span of time.

ENTERPRISE: Apple with increased interest have improved iCloud Drive, as well as Device Enrollment and even parts of the Mail app hence letting you turn on Vip threads rather than just assigning VIP status to contacts

PHOTOS: Apple has now removed heir restrain that kept you from saving more than 1000 photos. They have now extended their facilities so that one could add as many photos that it goes to the cloud and could be accessed anytime that too from any device. iTunes similarly hold all the music and movies. They also have pretty good editing features that keep your pictures super cool. With the increased number of photos they provide with a better search option too that comes up with auto-suggestions from more recently taken photos, recently viewed etc.

HEALTH: its yet another new app that Apple has come with and is purely a centralized place where many health apps can plug in on the backend so that users have a single hub to access all the services

FAMILY SHARING: Yet another new feature Apple upholds in iOS 8 That lets you to connect up with all the devices in a single family(must be tied to one credit card) to automatically share media, calendars, reminders, or find my friends. One could also locate people’s device and hence is very useful. Since tied to a single credit card if one member tries to purchase on iTune, the other member to get informed and hence the bill amount will be kept informed.

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