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Android Apps for Women Security

android-app-woman -securit

Today the cases of atrocities on women are growing. In these type of cases mobile is play an important role for security of women. Now android is developing some apps for women security purpose. These apps are as follows – FIGHTBACK :- This app is developed by Mahindra Group. In earlier days this app was not free, customer have to pay for this app. But after Delhi … [Read more...]

Virtual Keyboards

Virtual keyboard_2

Now a days touchscreen technology is growing faster, and new ideas are invented. Virtual Keyboard is one of them. Some advanced cellphones or tablets are having facility of virtual keyboard. In that technology you have to just drag the keyboard of that particular device (i.e. cellphone or tablet) and drop on that area where you want to place that keyboard. The … [Read more...]

Waterproof Cell Phones


Sometimes you or maybe someone you already know, also been caught in the rain, and got an electronic gadget damaged? Now don’t worry about this type of situations. Golden Shellback is best option for this type of situation. Waterproof cell phone uses Golden Shellback technology which provides moisture proof coating. This coating is repellent to water and oils, … [Read more...]

Allow Your Computer to Welcome You.

Allow Your Computer To Welcome You.

Generally in most of Hollywood films we have seen that the computer welcomes with their name when they start the computer. Would you interested to make this happen  with your computer.  Now you can also do it quickly and feel much better among your friend, when your computer calling you with your name  in front  of them. it is quite simple notepad trick  which does … [Read more...]

Common Mistakes of Computer User


Here we see the results of computer users’ most common mistakes. You can benefit from their misfortune by reading about these common problems and also easy ways to avoid them yourself. Back up Computer data All of us manage damaged Computers, hard drives, and also facts burning all the time, and also we all discover that very few COMPUTER SYSTEM people, even … [Read more...]