Best ways to Download Videos to Android

Best ways to Download Videos to AndroidHere I have Showing Some ” best ways to download videos to android”. Today, in this fast growing world people want everything in a nutshell and in a short span of time, so that in technology related gigs too. Today people rely too much on gadgets in order to do some of their major works, technology has grown up to a great extent. Growth of technology could be easily understood by the checking the development of communication gadgets especially mobile phones. I think I am bit diverted from the topic.

Leaving all those things behind and coming straight into the point. Today am here to help you in downloading youtube videos to your android phones. Any videos online can be downloaded easily using any of the video grabber software available, but how can you download videos directly to your android/ios phone without using any video grabber apps ? Have you ever thought of it ? Don’t worry it’s not that difficult, all you have to do is to follow certain steps. Let’s check those steps which would help you in downloading videos.

Download Videos Directly To Your Device Without Using Any Software.

I know many of you guys are relying on softwares for downloading videos online. Downloading videos via external softwares will make you insecure in the world of internet. Most of the video downloader apps for android are spam. So download videos directly, because it’s the most trusted way.

Follow some of these steps to download videos directly to your device.

1) First and foremost thing is to find the video which you want to download.

2) Always open the video in your mobile browser. Tap on the link and copy the url , because you need it later for downloading the video.

 Best ways to Download Videos to Android3) Open a new tab and type the following url, In there you could find a column asking for the url.

4) Paste the url of the required video and hit enter.

5) It will take few seconds to grab the video from the site, slide down to select the quality of the video and hit download. All set you will be ready to download the video in few seconds.

Closely follow these steps to download videos directly to your android device. There are many other websites which helps you in grabbing videos online. Just give a google search you could as many of websites which are very much similar to

2 ) Using Plugins

You can also download videos online by using plugins, there are hell lots of plugins available all over the internet, only a fistful of them are trustworthy. In here i would give you some of the trustworthy plugins to grab videos online. Youtube download manager is one of the best and oldest plugins of all time. I recommend using it.


Try any of the methods listed above for downloading videos to android without the help of any video grabber apps. This method is risk free and best recommended one. Hope you all loved reading the article, Feel free to share your experience. Subscribe us and stay tuned for further updates. Have a nice buddies 🙂

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