How to Block Adult Websites On Your PC

Internet is the best technological invention till date. It is the most useful thing. We can get access every piece of knowledge any time using internet. But everything comes with its good points and bad points. Internet is not a exception for this rule. Here I am going to show you how to block adult websites On Your PC.

Internet has lots of content from little piece of knowledge, wonderful pictures, news, entertaining videos, etc. But there are many adult porn sites which are not appropriate to be accessed at office places. Also, these sites are not good to be accessed by your children’s. But the good thing is you can block certain adult sites from accessing it.

Once you block them, nobody can access them on your computer. There are many methods by which you can black adult websites on your PC. Here are some of the methods to block adult sites.

Here is three simple methods to block adult sites:

1. Block Adult sites on Google Chrome.

2. Block Adult Sites on Mozilla Firefox.

3. Block Adult Sites on Windows 8.

Block Adult sites on Google Chrome:-

(1st Method)

Google Chrome is popular web browser. You can block adult sites on this browser in some simple steps.

1. Firstly, go to Google Chrome store. It is the store of extensions available for Google chrome.

Block Adult sites on Google Chrome extension

2. In search bar, types bb You’ll get number of extensions which can block adult content on your browser. Select one of the extensions from list.

Block Adult sites on Google Chrome

3. Now after selecting one extension, install it on your Google Chrome Browser. It will get installed in seconds.

Block Adult sites on Google Chrome

After installation, the extension will start to do its work efficiently. But after installing it for first time, restart your browser for better results. Whoila!! It will block all possible adult sites from accessing.

Block Adult Sites on Mozilla Firefox:-

(2nd Method)

Mozilla firefox is second most used web browser. It also has extensive library of addons. Using these addons, you can install one of these addons on firefox and block adult websites easily.

1. To install addon to block adult sites, go to Firefox addon store and Search for “Anti-Porn Pro” addon and install it by clicking on “Add to Firefox” and restart the browser after installing it.

Block Adult Sites on Mozilla FireFox

Block Adult Sites on Mozilla FireFox 2

Firefox Addon Restart

2. Now, the add-on will block all possible adult sites automatically, but if you still want to block some other sites, go to Tools-> Anti-Porn Pro configuration menu. There you’ll find many options for configuring block on sites.

Block Adult Sites on Mozilla FireFox 3

3. Now go to “Black List” option on configuration menu. Add the site link there which you want to block from accessing. And clicks “save”.

Black list Adult site

Block Adult Sites on Windows 8 Operating System:-

(3rd Method)

So that’s how you can block all adult sites on Google Chrome and Mozilla FireFox web browsers.

If you are using Windows 8 operating system, then you can configure parental control settings to block certain sites on all browsers.

1. When you login to your Windows 8 user account using Microsoft email ID, you’ll be redirected to Family safety website, where you can manage filtering option. Additionally, you can configure restrictions on websites using control panel.

2. To enable it, go to Control Panel -> network and Internet -> Internet Options -> Open “Content” tab -> click on “Family Safety”.

How to block Adult Sites on windows 8

3. Now choose the account on which you want to enforce parental control options and then click save.

How to block Adult Sites on windows 8 restrict Account

4. There are many options from which you can restrict accessing content. Click on “Web Filtering” and click on “For kids, use websites that I allow” and click “save”.

How to block adult sites in windows 8

All website only i allow

Allow - Block a websites here

That’s it. You’ve now block all adult websites on Windows 8 for the particular user you selected. We hope you’ll find this post helpful.

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