How to Convert Slideshare Presentations into GIF image with GIFDec

Slideshare is one of the best presentation uploading site that bring great audience to your particular project. It is available with great facility to embed entire presentation in your blog post. But it is too difficult to share through email or Twitter without losing its quality. To minimize this problem GIFDeck will help you.

GIFDeck is a website or application that will convert Slideshare Presentations into GIF image. What you need to do is just inter URL of your slideshare presentation. After that GIFDeck will automatically fetch individual slides one by one as images and stitches them into a single image. GIFDeck is a great online tool as I know. You can simply give preview of your presentation to audience.

Here is How to Convert Slideshare Presentations into GIF image with help of GIFDec:

1. First of all Visit Home page
2. Then copy your slideshare Presentation URL and Paste it in box appearing on the GIFDec site.
Inter URL to convert slideshre presentation ti Image gif
3. After that click on setting (Right to the Submit button). You will see three options.

    • Interval (milliseconds):- Set Interval time between two slides in milliseconds.

interval time

    • Slides:- Select Number of slides which you want include in GIF image.

number of slides

    • Size (Small, Medium, Large):- Select which kind of GIF image size you want.

Select size from three options

4. Press Submit Button.
5. After Pressing Submit button you will see a GIF image with saving option. Now simply save that GIF image to your appropriate location.

How to Convert Slideshare Presentations into GIF image with GIFDec

We know that GIF image is always helping us to attract users instantly. You can use GIF Images in your emails to make them more attractive and interesting so that it will increase CTR. Most of email clients use GIF Images with an auto play functionality. Gmail supports it as an inline playable format. You can also upload a GIF Image directly to your Twitter account and they will appear as a simple playable media image in your follower’s profile. Also visit how to make gif image from video clip

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