How To Download Shazam To PC

How To Download Shazam To PCHow To Download Shazam To PC:- Shazam is a very popular app among mobile users. Usually people have misnamed tracks or tracks with no specific information about the composer, the playback singer, or the album. Shazam enables the user to identify the tracks, and also gives options to buy the track, watch the YouTube video, and many more. So for a music lover, Shazam can be quite indispensable.

So what about a user who is stuck in front of the PC for “”long hours, rather than holding on to a handheld smartphone? Is there any provision by which he/she could use Shazam on their PC? The answer is a big yes!

Here are the steps to download Shazam on PC.
• If you are a Windows 8 user on PC, there is good news! You can directly download and install Shazam for Windows from the Windows Store using the below link.
Apps Microsoft

If you are not a Windows 8 user, don’t worry. You can follow the steps below and start using Shazam on your PC.
• Download and install Bluestacks-App Player from the link below.

Bluestacks is an Android emulator. For more visit my article on “Way To Run Android Apps on PC“. It allows you to install all the Android apps on a PC. In one way, Bluestacks is an Android phone inside your PC! Since Shazam is available on the Play Store, you can install Shazam on your PC using Bluestacks-App Player just like any other Android app.
• After installing Bluestacks on your PC, run it, and select the ‘App Search’ option.
• Then search for Shazam, and it should come up in your search results. Install Shazam upon finding it.
With this you have successfully installed Shazam on your PC. You can start using Shazam from the ‘My Apps’ tab on Bluestacks.

How to use Shazam on PC?

If you have used Shazam on your mobile phone, you will find no problem in using Shazam for PC. Here are the steps to use Shazam on PC
• Open Bluestacks on your PC, find Shazam under ‘My Apps’ and open it.
• Click on the logo at the centre of the screen
• Play the song close to the mic of the PC, and that’s all.

Shazam will identify all the details that pertain to the song, including track name, the album that the song belongs to, the singer, the recording company, the composer and so on. So, from now on there is no need to completely rely on your mobile phone to identify tracks through Shazam. It is just a click away from your PC. Every feature supported on your mobile device through Shazam is available on your PC. It works perfectly well and finds the tracks quite stealthily.

How to uninstall Shazam on PC?

Bluestacks App can consume a lot of RAM on your PC, and if you are running on a low end system, it can freeze up quite often. So it is advisable to uninstall some apps under such a situation. Although you would never want to uninstall Shazam, we would just like to go through the uninstallation procedure just in case.

• Open BlueStacks and click on settings icon.
• Within settings click ‘Manage Applications’.
• In the pop up window that follows, hit the delete icon against Shazam.
Shazam is now uninstalled.

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