How to Embed Webpage into Facebook Page

We know that Facebook is the second number website in the World in terms of Visitors. Facebook is actually obtaining tremendous number of targeted users for any sort of brands. names. Regardless of whether your company is really a website designing firm, Internet shop, a tourism affiliation, a public entertainer, foodstuff & cocktails, matrimonial, and so forth. in Facebook, you’ll find thousands of visitors for the program. You could have observed which the story put up straight on Facebook draws in additional traffic, Comments, share, like, subscribe to your blog/product/service, customer to your services, make them shop your products “straight” on the Facebook to that particular webpage (to some external website).

So here I am going to show you How to Embed Webpage into Facebook Page ?.To get more idea about this stuff visit embedded HTML pages of Best Friends Animal Society: Donate Page.

Here is step by step process that will show you how to embed webpage into Facebook Fan page. To Complete this process you need to things, First is Facebook account and another one is Facebook Fan page on which you want promote your webpage.

1.  First of all login to your Facebook account.
2.  Then Search for the Static HTML: iframe tabs on Facebook app and click on Add Static HTML to a Page.

Static HTML: iframe tabs on Facebook
3.  After that you will see new tab/window ask you to choose your Facebook page on which you want to embed webpage.
How to Embed Webpage into Facebook Page
4.  Now go back to your Facebook Page. Here, you’ll get a new custom tab added, with named ‘Welcome’. Click on it.

How to Embed Webpage into Facebook Page

5.  After That, on the next page, click on “Edit Tab”.

How To Embed Webpages To Facebook Fanpages

6.  Now Here, you will see a editor or code Editor. However, if you wish, you can add the Html code here but it really is necessary that you can include stylesheet along with javascript data also. Therefore, their better to opt for default HTML theme here by simply hitting “Choose the HTML template” otherwise simply click See more apps if you want to add in a web page of your preferred site.

Edit Tab- How To Embed Webpages To Facebook Fanpages

8.  From the this opened page, select “Your Website “ tab from the left sidebar (under Free apps section) and simply click ‘Use Website App’.

How To Embed Webpages To Facebook Fanpages

9.  Now On the next page, add your webpage’s URL address at the box prompting “Web page address” (recommended: HTTPS). Here if you don’t want scroll bar (iFrame) for your embedded webpage on Facebook page, simply tick the box ‘Remove scroll bar’ and options will appear to set page width and height. Set proper page width and height by moving their respective sliders as shown in image below.

How To Embed Webpages To Facebook Fanpages

Here you can preview your webpage simply by hitting “update preview” button.

add web page into facebook fan page10.  After this, go to settings page’s top area. Here are some options provided in tabs. For example, Fangate will tell you how visitors counts, that visited this page before liking your Facebook fanpage, Settings option also help you to grab short link for your Facebook page.  Press “Save & Publish”


And Finally click on “Done Editing tab” that will Embed Webpage into Facebook Page. Thats it…!!!

Hope that trick will help you to boost your webpage traffic..!!!

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