Gravity Zone – Ensuring Security for Startups and SMEs

Today’s computing world is all about virtualization and cloud computing. As all organizations especially the startups and SMEs are endeavoring to reduce their organizational and operational costs and bring about better efficiency and high performance through virtualization, they are simultaneously looking for enhanced security of their virtual environment for better adaptation and better solutionto meet the challenges of today. GravityZone is an awarded and recognized business security solution that has been built from ground-up to completely secure and safeguard the virtualization and cloud computing.

Bitdefender Antivirus has been a leader in computer and data protection since long and is constantly striving for better protection, performance and usability to enhance the customer’s experience. Its Gravity Zone Business Security Solution is a comprehensive protective solution which not only takes care of superior proactive protection from any kind of viruses, root kits, spyware, phishing, spam and other malware but diligently works to enhances business productivity while reducing the management’s protection and security related costs through centralized administration and protection along with control of workstations. It also provides data protection of the file and e-mail traffic inside companies &rsquo networks.

The Gravity Zone antivirus for small business has several advantages to offer which makes it an ideal choice for and startup or small business unit –

  • The antivirus is easily adaptable to any environment and is more than capable of providing the fastest and the most effective protection to any datacenters, offices, mobiles and even the cloud and other virtual environments.
  • Most traditional security tools are unable to secure either private or public cloud, thereby forcing an organization to choose between performance and protection. But the Gravity Zone’s virtual appliance based security system works on environment aware agent mechanism which follows every move and adapts its shape and behavior accordingly.
  • Owning to multiple Windows applications, traditional security system were not only costly but more complex and difficult to install, configure or maintain. But Gravity Zone provides a single platform to manage and protect any number of endpoints in any location or in any kind of environment. This unified management console in the cloud which gives the user a single point for deploying, managing and enforcing security policies is perhaps its biggest asset.
  • The security system provides multiple layers of security for endpoints which includes Microsoft Exchange mail servers, application control and sandboxing, antivirus and antimalware with behavioral monitoring, device as well as content control, zero day threat protection, firewall, anti-phishing and anti-spam.
  • The system is so fast that all endpoints under protection get immunized with three seconds of the threat being detected in any part of the world.
  • The balanced and modular architecture of the system is based on customizable, resilient and secure open source fixes which grows organically through cloning virtual appliances.

It is the ultimate and cost effective security solution especially for small businesses, startups and SMEs for its major benefits like intelligent deployment, elimination of the protection gaps and a faster and higher immunity and risk protection. One need not compromise any more.

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