Housing Emphasizes on Responsibility by Innovation and Simplicity

The new housing brand has become a beacon of communication. The portal has reinvented itself and has emerged as a dynamic, modern spirited and bold brand that is ready to take the next step into the future. If you open the newhousing.com website, you would see more colours, more vibrancy and an elegance that was not there in the past. Everything that one sees here is a mix of technological services and a bold outlook towards the future. The website greets you with the ‘Look Up’ logo, the symbol of everything housing.com is going to be. In another broad window, you see an infinity shape. This shape merely proposes the innumerable opportunities that lie in the future. If you click the sign, you realize that it is made up of ‘Look Up’ symbols and is explained by the whole brand story behind what does housing.com do and why it does it.

It is quite interesting to assess the difference between the previous interface and the new one. For all practical purposes, there is not much. Every single feature that was available on the previous portal is also available here. As soon as you open the website, you have the option to buy, sell, rent, new projects etc. However these options do not dominate the page as they did earlier. Now the first thing that creates an impression on a user is the housing logo. The words ‘Look Up’ written just underneath this logo certainly induce a sense of confidence and one has the option to start exploring immediately or embark on a journey that describes what does the new housing.com stand for.

What does the New Housing.com Stand for?

If you are not looking for-say- a PG in Bangalore, ten you can utilize this time to learn about what the portal stands for. Clicking on the icon on the photograph of the ‘Look Up’ on the main page (or an option underneath the search options that says ‘Discover More’), one is taken to the page that is dedicated to the brand. This page highlights how ousing.com has embarked on a journey into the future with an optimistic attitude and a focus on innovation.

An in depth study would reveal that the portal agrees that the real estate sector is not transparent and an impersonal sector. Therefore it is usually not an interesting journey when it comes to the search of houses and properties. Housing.com has successfully been able created transparency to a certain extent. However much is left to be done and the portal wants to make the journey of house search as interesting as possible.

It is in this endeavour that it has set up its mission statement as ‘10X Better’. The portal would out see, out think and out do competition. It would always try and create new benchmarks and then surpass them. It has always been able to view problems differently and therefore has the skill set to go into the future with more confidence and tenacity than any of its competitors.

In Conclusion:-

One thing that the brand journey makes abundantly clear is that the reason for the company’s meteoric rise has been people and they would continue to play a crucial role. This is the reason why Housing.com invites them to ‘Look Up’ and dream to acquire the best.

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