How Hide Files Behind The Images

If you have some private files or Documents that you want to hide it from another person in your computer, then you don’t wanna miss on this fail safe trick. This article will help you with “How Hide Files Behind The Images “. As of now you might have used File hide or Secure software to lock that folder with password. But now in this Article I will share some interesting trick to Hide files Behind the Image. To hide a file behind a image  means that if any one opens that image he/she will only be able to see the image, but to see the hidden file we need to open that image in a specific way. So, do you want to know how hide files behind Images? Lets start!

How Hide Files Behind The Images

          How To Hide File Behind Images?

  • First of all select image to be used for hiding the  file behind it.
  • After that select a file to hide behind the image and convert it in .RAR format  with the help of the WinRAR.
  • If  you don’t have any knowledge about how to use command prompt then simply copy both those  files and paste it on your Desktop.
  • Now open command prompt by going to Start > Accessories > Command Prompt (or Simply press Windows button + R) and type following commands in it.

Hide files behind image3Hide files behind image

  • Here CD stands for change directory. By typing above command you change your directory to desktop. After that type the command given below and press enter.

Hide files behind image2

Hide files behind image

  • Replace imagename.jpg with the name of image you want your file to be hidden behind. Don’t forget to add image format (Eg: .jpg,.png,.gif)
  • Replace filename with name of your file you want to hide. It must be in .rar format.
  • Finally Replace finalimage.jpg with whatever name you want your final image with hidden files to be. This is the image where your file will be hidden.

Hide files behind image

How To Access Hidden File ?

To get back access to  your hidden file you need to open the newly created image in winRAR. Just follow simple steps    given below to do that.
    1. First of all Open winRAR.
    2.Then after that  locate your image and open it or simply drag your image in winRAR.

    3. Extract the file and done.

 Thats all, you are ready to become a magician!

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