How To Add Clickable Links to YouTube Videos

This article will help you for ‘How To Add Clickable Links to YouTube Videos’. We All know that YouTube is world’s second Largest search engine after Google.Because of that it has potential to drive huge traffic to a website or blog if used perfectly.Recently, YouTube has done some changes that allow us to add link into YouTube video. webmasters used to put the link of their websites in the description of their YouTube videos but now you can embed the external links on the video itself using the YouTube’s Annotation feature.

Note that if you want to use that feature then you must have to associate your website to your YouTube channel.If your website is not associated with your YouTube channel then, you must follow following steps to associate your website to the YouTube channel.

Here is video that will help yo for “How To Add Clickable Links to YouTube Videos”

Associated Website annotations provide creators a way to link to their associated websites directly from their videos. To enable Associated Website Annotations please make sure that your account fulfills these requirements:

  • Your account needs to be in Good Standing. You can check if your channel meets this criteria on the YouTube Settings/Features page.

How To Create an Associated Website Annotation

1. Associate a website to your YouTube Account:-


First of all to create an Associated Website annotation, you need to complete following steps:-

  • Make sure your account is verified and in good standing before adding an associated website. You can verify your account in
  • After that add your website as an associate website in the Google Webmaster Tools. That will allow you to confirm that your owner of the site before you link it to your YouTube account.
  • As You confirm that your owner of the site, include this website as the “Associated Website” in your YouTube account. Visit your Advanced Channel Settings and add the information in the “Associated website” section.

After you have associated your home page/webpage to your YouTube account, you can associate more websites through the Google Webmaster Tools. Follow Same steps to add more Website to your YouTube account.


2. Add an Associated Website annotation:-

In this Step, you can enable Associated Website annotations and add them in your videos. as shown bellow:

  • To Edit Video, Go to your Video Manager, click the down arrow next to the “Edit” button of the video you want to change, then click Annotations.
  • If this is the first time you’re using external annotations,then at the top of the menu you will see a banner that says “Enable your account for external annotation links.” Simply Click the Enable button and accept the all Terms and Conditions. That banner will like this:
  • Enable External annotation linkAfter  you’ve accepted the Terms and Conditions, then you can able to add website link . So Simply click the Add annotation button to create a new annotation (or select an existing annotation ). Select  check box  “Link” . That checkbox to add a URL, After that  select the category Associated Website as shown in following snapshot.

Associated Website Annotations in youtube

  • After you’ve placed your associated website link and have finished editing your annotation, select Save and/or Publish.

How To Add Clickable Links to YouTube Videos

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