How to Create Animated Video Using Goanimate in Simple 15 Steps

Wishing someone on important days like festivals, birthday and anniversaries is common. Sending them greetings via SMS and emails is most common practice. A greeting card is more surprising for person you are wishing to. If that greeting card is a animated video greeting card, it will be more awesome surprise for that person. In the past I have added article on “How to Make a GIF Image From a Video Clip”.

But the question is how to create animated greeting cards? Well that’s not so hard to create one. You just need YouTube account and GoAnimate account. Using this GoAnimate tool, you can create animated greeting card and publish them on Your YouTube channel. Isn’t that sound cool? So, let’s head over to the tutorial and create a greeting card using YouTube and GoAnimate.

How to Create Animated Video Using in Simple 15 Steps

GoAnimate is a wonderful tool which helps you to create amazing animated videos without much effort.

1) To create animated video first of all you need to create account at

create account at goanimate

2) Select packages for more facilities if you want, otherwise continue with free version.

3) Now go to ‘GoAnimate Homepage’ website and click on ‘Make a Video’ button to create a new video.

Click Here to create goanimate video

4) Here you will see lots of theme listed. You can Choose Desired Template for your card/video. Select it and click on Continue.

Select A Theme for your Video

5) After clicking on selected ‘Theme’ press on ‘Make Video’ option. Here I have selected Wildlife example theme.

Selected Wildlife theme

6) For creating Greeting Card, you can also choose pictures already provided by GoAnimate, you can upload them from your hard disk, or even you can select pictures from your Facebook account too. Note that this facility is available only for the paid users.

7) Now After selecting “Wildlife Theme” click on Next.

8) Now you will see “Choose a Setting” option. Using right and left arrow you can change background or environment into the video or e-card and click on next button.

Here select backgrounf image for your video

9) After that, time to select your characters like, animal, man and women, any cartoon character depends upon your selected theme. I have selected Elephant And Zebra.

2. Select your Characters here

10) Here you can also upload your particular image, but this facility is available for paid users only.

11) Go ahead, you will see ‘Type in or Record Your Dialogue’ option to add text as heading. You can manually type your text or record your voice in that video. To add it, select ‘type or record dialog’ option and type or record your message.

Type in or record your dialogue

12) If you want to make your animated video greeting card more interesting and interactive, you can add smiley’s, different characters and different voice styles to your character when it speaks. It is so easy to add them using GoAnimate toolbar. Select. ‘Smiley’ to add smiley’s, select ‘Actor’ to add a new character in video or choose ‘Voice’ to add your Voice recording.

13) Here is two option available below the dialog box.
1. Switch Character:- By clicking on switch character you will swap your characters dialogs.
2. Voice:- By clicking on voice option, you can select voice of male or female from different countries, which will help you to make video more attractive.

After adjusting voice to particular character with respect to dialog, click on “Preview” option.

Preview your video and save

14) Now after following all above steps, your video is almost ready! But a video is not much interesting if it doesn’t have any background music. You can add desired background music to greeting card video and click on ‘Preview to watch your video’. If it needs any modification, you can modify it before publishing.

Add title and Description and publish

15) If everything is OK, then click on ‘Save Now’ button that will popup new window which has title and description box to fill, so that you can describe your video easily.

Add title and Description and publish

your video will go live on YouTube very soon. That’s it! This is how you can create animated greeting card video using GoAnimate on YouTube.

But be sure that, while creating animated videos, don’t use copyrighted images or music filed straight from your hard disk. Before using them, get proper permissions from copyright holder. After Publishing video, you will see your video page like below.

You will see your video like this

You can share video link via email or you can post it on their Facebook timeline, etc. Sending animated greeting card is surely surprising way to greet others on special days.

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