How to Download YouTube Videos Easily without use of any software

Download-Videos-From-YouTubeYouTube is the most popular video search engine. You can find every type of videos uploaded on YouTube. From the latest songs, TV series, Movies, Trailers, Tutorials, Funny Videos, Gags and many more. You can watch these videos at free of cost on YouTube. YouTube allows you to watch and upload videos at free of cost, but your Internet is not free at all. If you don’t have an unlimited internet access plan, but still want to watch the YouTube video without wasting much bandwidth, then you can download the YouTube video.

YouTube doesn’t offer direct video download button. We have to follow some tips and tricks to download YouTube videos easily. We have collected some awesome tips and tricks which will help you to download YouTube videos on your PC or smartphone.

Download YouTube Videos easily


This is the well known website, which offers YouTube video download service. You can download the videos from website very easily.

  • Just open  in your browser and Paste the URL of YouTube video in the box and press Enter.
  • The Video details will be fetched and you can download the video in many different quality options. This is the very simple and most used tricks to easily download YouTube videos. also has browser extension which can help you to download YouTube videos directly from the YouTube. You can install this Browser extension from the website. Once installed, this extension will give you the option to download directly below the YouTube video and any other media file type.

2) Clipconverter.CC:- is the same website like You can download the YouTube video just by pasting the video link on the site. With, you can download the YouTube video in various quality options like 320p,480p,720 and 1080p HD. Also, you can download videos in mp3 format. Clipconverter will convert the video into an Mp3 file immediately.


YouMagicTube is an amazing website to download YouTube videos. This website has a unique way to download the YouTube videos. When you are on YouTube, you have to edit the Video URL slightly.

  • If your video has URL like “” then you have to put the word ‘Magic’ between the ‘You’ and ‘Tube’. For example, the link would look like.
  • “”.Once you edit the URL and hit enter in the Browser, the YouMagicTube website will open with the video and you can download it easily.

There are many more websites which offer such amazing services to download YouTube videos directly to your PC. But, if you need something convenient, then the Browser extension is the best option for you to directly download YouTube videos on your PC. I hope you loved this post. If you loved it, let the world know about these tips to download YouTube videos. Please share this post on Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp.

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