I’m Feeling Lucky Google Tricks & Funn

Looking for I’m Feeling Lucky  Google Tricks & Funn ? . As all we know Google is the search engine of choice for billion’s users. That’s  Why it has billions of Unique Visitor per month. A reason for this success  is Google’s characteristic to integrate simplicity with usability and some funny tricks.

An additional main reason for this kind of popularity is usually Google’s Effective Home page, which usually is made up of a search bar and two magic buttons, Search and I’m Feeling Lucky. As all We know what the search button does, it takes us to a search results page (SERP) which is usually consisting of top ten best results that match our query.

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But most of us Don’t Know What “I’m Experience Lucky” button does. It Really Funny Button. The “I’m Feeling Lucky  ” Button conversely takes you for the leading position site from the Google search for the particular query.


Google's I'm Feeling Lucky

There Some famous webpages use this behavior to create some amazing and funny results. Here is a list of some famous  keywords that have some funny websites at the first position in Google. To try these tricks, open Google’s homepage, type in the phrase and hit the I’m feeling lucky button. To use the I’m feeling lucky button, you have to disable Google Instant.

Google Gravity:-

We feel Gravity on earth. Do you have seen Google with gravity? Force of gravity is non-existent in cyber space. Google gravity makes you realize how Google would have been if gravity had been effective on the internet world as well.

It is so easy, Just type Google gravity in the search bar and press the I’m feeling lucky button. This will take you to  the    Google gravity page  which, at first look, might appear to be the Google homepage itself. Wait for a few seconds and you will realize why this Chrome experiment is called Google gravity. You can click (climb) that any object and play with them.Although the website lists it as a Chrome experiment, it works on Mozilla Firefox as well, although it does not work on IE8 and previous versions of Internet Explorer. To See Magic Of Google Gravity key word Click Here.

 Google gravity


Google Sphere:-

Do you have  seen images on Google that dancing in circular motion Arround Google? Google sphere is the phrase for that. This phrase will take you to the Google sphere Chrome experiment.

Google Sphere

Here Google sphere is a modified and Latest version of Image search that adds lots of fun to your regular boring search. It Works on Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 9 Only.To See Magic Of Google Sphere key Word Click Here.

Google Pond:-

Mostly we have seen water effect in smart phones.Do you have seen Water effect with Google? If not then try this trick. Just  go to Google homepage. Type Google Pond and enter I’m feeling Lucky. Now move the mouse over Google logo or any where near there.You can see the water effect on it. To See Magic Of Google Pond key Word Click Here.


Google I'm feeling lucky

Do A Barrel Roll:-
With its interactive doodles and insanely large pumpkins, Google is known for being whimsical, but “do a barrel roll” might just take the cake. To See Magic Of  Do A Barrel Roll key Word Click Here.

do a barel roll

Zerg Rush:-

Last one that I want mention is Zerg Rush. Just type Zerg Rush  in search field. After some time you will see some dangerous performs by Zerg with to team. One with Red color and another with Yellow color.
 To See Magic Of  Zerg Rush key Word Click Here.

 google i'm feeling lucky

There is lots of I’m Feeling Lucky- Google Tricks & Funn . I will give update for this step by step.
I hope you have Enjoyed I’m Feeling Lucky  Google Tricks & Funn .



  1. says

    I only knew some of the tricks of your post, didn’t knew all of them. Now I’ll show off some of these tricks to my friends 😀

  2. crazy_swap says

    Hey…whenever i type anything to perform the tricks the button i am feeling lucky vanishes? How do i perform the tricks?

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