Why the iPhone 5 is good for gaming.

iPhone 5 is good for gamingWhy the iPhone 5 is good for gaming:-
Apple phones have always been known for its great gaming capabilities, they have both the hardware and software to initiate smooth gameplay. Over the years, the iPhone has improved a lot on its gaming side with improved processor, resolution and even the weight of the device. The iPhone however, has no physical buttons and also lacks a huge screen for some games and that might make it feel very cramped. Apart from a few games, most games work on the iPhone and its certainly one of the best smartphones when it comes to gaming, something which Apple can be proud of.

The iPhone 5 has a very long 16:9 screen which matches the aspect ratio of of an actual HDTV. Since the iPhone has no physical buttons for gaming, it means that all the buttons are on the screen, but now we have enough room to accommodate that. We have more room for our thumbs, especially when you’re playing games like FIFA. Even though you find the on screen buttons to be annoying at the Start, once you get used to it you’ll find it to just as good. The screen is bright, and comes very close to Sony’s PS Vita level when it comes to handheld gaming.

The iPhone 5 runs on an A6 processor which is very fast and cuts through every game like butter. The games start and perform really fast and the games actually look very good and entertaining. The iPhone 4S did have very minute problems when it came to big games but all of that was solved when the iPhone 5 came out.

The weight was significantly reduced and the phone is very thin, thereby increasing the grip on the phone. Gamers find it much more appealing than the previous iPhones. However, you might find it a bit hard at first to play games that aren’t optimised for iPhone 5, but don’t worry you’ll get used to it. Also, since the iPhone is long, it doesn’t feel very crowded.

The App Store:-
If you have an iPhone, then you have a very huge library of titles, of which most of are free. So that’s an unmatched advantage of the iPhone. There are more games optimised for iPhone 5 releasing every week. Also, you get 1000s of average games that are released every day. You would be able to run all the apps on the App Store if you have an iPhone 5.

Online Gaming:-
The iPhone 5 lets you connect with other players on the planet using its game centre. If you give value to social connectivity, then the iPhone 5 might be the phone for you since it lets you connect with Facebook, OpenFeint etc.

Overall, we have got to say that iPhone 5 is surely a great phone for a person who wants to game a lot. Its got good batteries to last you through gaming marathons, great processor capable of running any game, good graphics to make the games awesome, a big long screen and an App Store filled with great games coming in every week.

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