Learn How to Create Email Template in Salesforce

As an active Salesforce user, it is important for you to understand how to create email template in Salesforce. Using email template provides a number of benefits to the user. You can save a lot of time and the templates can also bring a good conversion rate as everyone in the company will start using the templates and optimize the emails they send. It is easy to learn how to create email template in Salesforce. Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM applications and it is beneficial to learn the great features of it.

Learn How to Create Email Template in Salesforce

Another great benefit of using email template in Salesforce is that the template automatically integrates with the leads and is auto-logged in the software. Integration with other team members is also possible and thus it finds a great use in the company. It provides a consistency in the company and the manager can ensure that employees use only the best performing templates in the company for communication. Also another benefit is that the email templates are simple and it is easy to learn how to create email template in Salesforce at RainForce.

How to create email template in Salesforce?

To start creating an email template in Salesforce, you have to first log into the application. Then click the Setup button in the top right corner. Then select the option of creating new email template. When you click this option, you get a list of all the email templates already in the system. You can edit them or create a new email template from the scratch. In order to create a new template, you need to click the option of ‘New template’.

After going for this option, you will get different options of creating email templates like text, HTML with letterhead, HTML without letterhead and Visualforce email templates. You can select where you want to save the email template. In Unified public email template folder, your email template will be visual to all across the company and anyone can use the template. In the personal email templates folder, if you save your email template, then only you will be able to use it.

Choose the name of the email template and choose the encoding for your time zone. Choosing a description is also available but it is not mandatory. Now comes the email body field where you need to type the body of the email. If you don’t have any premade copy for the template, there are number of optimised Salesforce templates which you can find in the internet and use them to copy.

In the email template, you can use a number of merge fields which are used for customizing the templates based on data available. Select the field type and put the value of the field type in the email body. In order to use the email template created you go to the contact page and click on Send email button. And with this said, you know all about the process on how to create email template in Salesforce.

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