How to Make a GIF Image From a Video Clip

You’ll get lots of free tools on internet which allow you to convert video file in to animated GIFs image. Animated GIF image will help you to attract user to your webpage’s particular location. One I have places at my home page for user’s subscription and got lots subscription because of it. GIF images accepted only on few sites like Flickr or Tumblr not all image/picture hosting sites support GIF images so take care of it.

To create GIF image from Video clip you need to do two process – First of all download ffmpeg.exe file from “FFmpeg official site” and extract it into c:\ folder location. In the second step you just need to fire one command through command prompt.

So Here is how to make a gif image from a video clip?

Step 1: Download that file and extract ffmpeg.exe file to this path c:\ffmpeg\ folder.
How to create gif image from a video
Step 2: After that extract frames from video clip from which you want to make GIF animation image.
To do this use simple command* :

c:\ffmpeg\bin\ffmpeg.exe -i video.avi tehnovally.gif

If suppose your video file is in different folder, then you need to specify Complete path of that video clip.
Note that you also need to mansion video file extension like MOV, MP4, 3GP or any other video extension except AVI.

In the above command video.avi is the name of the video clip (small in length better) that you want to convert into gif and Technovally.gif is the image name that you want to give. After firing this command .gif image will create in the same directory.

This video is created by Me “Life is Like Sand” which used to create gif image.

gif image from a video clipIf your video clip is long in length then you need to do some changes in above command parameter.

c:\ffmpeg\bin\ffmpeg.exe -i movie.avi – ss 5 – t 3 technovally.gif

In the above command parameter ‘ss’ stands for start position in the video clip while ‘t’ is the time duration for which you want to extract the frames. So from the above command, you will get image frames for the file movie.avi will be at created from the 5 second mark for the next 3 seconds on the video.

If you want to stop that GIFs image from animating, then you simply need to hit Esc (Escape) Button from your key keyboard.

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