How to Root NVIDIA Shield Portable Tablet

How to root NVIDIA ShieldNVIDIA is one of the leading gaming accessories manufacturer for PC and gaming consoles around the world. After the emergence of smartphones they started to manufacture chipsets for the smartphones. Xolo was the first brand to introduce Nvidia graphic chipsets to smartphones. Due to overheating problems Xolo stopped further manufacturing of the phones.

After that they started to manufacture their own devices. Nvidia shield was the first tablet device from them. The tablet was best for the gaming performance. As an add-on the company even provided a gaming joystick along with the tablet.

Compared to other brands rooting an Nvidia shield is very simple and didn’t require a PC for rooting. All you need is an Nvidia Shield tablet along with internet connection. The process didn’t do anything harm to the device.

The method is published by a user called Kwongger in XDA forums. So it is safe to proceed

What We Need?:

Before getting to the rooting process you must do these steps mandatory.

  1. Backup all your contacts and other important information. It is good to make a complete backup before rooting any device.
  2. Make sure that there is enough space to install the apps.
  3. Also charge your tablet to a 100%. Because while rooting your phone if it accidentally switching off may brick your device.

Technovally  Disclaimer:

How to Root NVIDIA Shield Portable Tablet:-

  1. The first step that you have to do is to enable to install apps form unknown sources. Basically this will be in disabled state. You can found this under security menu in settings. Just tick the unknown sources option.
  2. The next step is to download the towelroot app form the following link. The app is not available to download from play store because of some Google policies. Towelroot.apk
  3. Install the app on your tablet and launch it.
  4. Within the displayed screen tap “make it ra1n” button. If your phone doesn’t reboot which is good. But in some models there may be a chance for reboot. So don’t panic after rebooting just proceed with same steps.
  5. What the towelroot app do is that it will install an additional app called Superuser. After the installation the phone may ask for a reboot. Just hit the reboot button.
  6. But it is strongly recommended to install an app called SuperSU from play store. Because in some apps the Superuser may not grant root permissions.
  7. Next step is to download an app called Flasify. This can be downloaded from play store. Using flashify you can install custom recoveries to the tablet.
  8. Download any of the recovery’s for your tablet. It should be noted that recovery must be specially build for your device.

That’s it your device is now rooted and you can install any custom ROMs to the phone by downloading the corresponding zip file.

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