How to Set Auto-Expiry Date for Shared Folders And Files in Google Drive

Most of people like to share their doc or any kind of files in the public or in the friends circle. Sharing a file or folder on Google Drive is simply like dropping post paper in everyone’s bed-room. But once you shared, it will remains in shared state for infinite time as it doesn’t go down until you manually take action on it (Like delete it or simply change its permissions).

Here we have an option that will help us to solve this big problem. i. e. Google Script. With the help of Google Scripts you can simply set auto-expiry date for shared files in Google Drive. So you will get released from headache.

How to Set Auto-Expiry Date For Shared Folder And Files in Google Drive ? Here is Steps:

First of all you need to select or create folder/file in Google Drive and share it in Public or a small group. After that you need to specify a date/time when you want that shared link to expire. That’s it..!. Script will do rest work. That script will create a copy of your shared folder/file and delete the original one at the specified expiry date and time.That shared links/URL would no longer work though the folder and files will stay in your Google Drive.

Follow that Steps:

1. Open that Google Script.
2. After that choose File -> Make a Copy.. to copy this script into your own Google Drive.
select make a copy..
3. Then add the URL of your shared Google Drive folder/file and expiry date with time in the script (use the YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM format).
specify Google Drive folder/file and expiration date with time
4. Go to Run -> Click Start and grant the necessary permissions.
Click on Start
grant the necessary permissions
5. Go to Run -> autoExpire and that will auto-expire the shared links at the specified Expiration Date and time.
autoExpire and that will auto-expire the shared links

That’s all. You no need to do anything.. any more..
Now Simply close that Google Script page. Google Script will automatically send you notification E-mail when that shared link/URL Removed.

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