How to Speed Up Google Chrome Browser

How to Speed Up Google Chrome BrowserHow to Speed Up Google Chrome Browser:-
The Google Chrome browser was launched in September 2008,by Google Inc. Since then, the open source browser has been the front runner among all the browsers like Firefox,Safari or Opera. The company has released 34 versions(34th Beta) of the software in less than six years,with continuous improvement in each version. Company also provides tweaks,add-ons or extensions for adding various inbuilt features in the browser which you can turn on and off depending upon the requirements that help in fast and safe browsing.

Here are a few things that the you can do for a healthy browsing experience using Chrome :-

1- Extensions:- Though the speed of any browser is badly affected by the annoying third party extensions by which the users usually get carried away, still there are extensions which are available at the Chrome Web Store,which make the browser more reliable and faster. One of these is the Faster Chrome extension having Endless Pages add-on . The extension loads next pages of websites automatically,thereby saving the time of loading the pages.

2- DNS Prefetching:- The inbuilt feature of Chrome Browser,predicts web pages or URLs before you completely type them either in the address bar or search bar. The option is available under the section Privacy,which you can enable or disable depending upon the requirement.

3- GPU Acceleration:- With the increasing trend of web graphics,the web developers have to add additional features to the browsers to make browsing faster. One such feature in the Chrome browser is the hardware acceleration technology for GPU that accelerates the Graphical Processing Unit signals on web pages and hence help in loading graphics including videos, easily.

4- Release Cache Memory:- Every browser observes a decline in speed after frequent usage,say of a couple of weeks. The ironic reason behind this is the web history that the browser automatically stores for faster browsing. You need to clear the cache memory frequently for faster browsing.

5- Go Incognito:- This is one of the latest inventions that almost all other browsers incorporate. This feature allows the users to browse in completely private mode and does not allow any of the websites or malicious softwares(as add-ons or extensions) to track you. All the web history,cache memory,search history is erased as soon as you close the browser. However,the downloaded files remain intact.

6- Miscellaneous Settings:- The settings option lets you enable or disable various features in the browser that can affect the speed of the browser. Some of these features include Automatic Sign-In ,which you can disable if you do not own any Google account,Multi -Lingual support,which you can disable if you do not have any second language choice,annoying Automatic Update feature ,which can be disabled to stop automatic updates of search engines or the browser itself.

The Last Word:- For any computer program to run properly ,it is necessary that the computer itself is in healthy condition. If the computer is slow, then no browser can boost the browsing experience even if you follow all the above mentioned steps. If you have a healthy system,then apply above mentioned measures and enjoy fast browsing with the ever growing Chrome browser.

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