Top 5 Android Multiplayer Games

Gaming on android is a growing platform and it is hotter than ever with the revolution of Smart phones and tablets. Gaming in such devices has developed so good that we can now play a number of stable multiplayer games. We have listed 5 Best Android Multiplayer Games that you will love to play with your friends.

Real Racing 31. Real Racing 3:-
Category: Racing
Price: Free
This game is a trend setter. It set a new trend for Android Multiplayer Games. This game, which requires a space of 1.2 GB, is one of the high quality games. It has a wide range of tracks, an elaborated 22 car grid and around 50 perfectly detailed cars. The Multiplayer feature is much simpler with progressive TFM – Time Shifted Multiplayer technology that letting you to race anyone, anytime, anywhere on your tablet or smart phone. This amazing feature ranks this amazing game the top position in our list of the Top 5 Android Multiplayer Games.

Cat-vs-Dog-Deluxe 32. Cat vs. Dog Deluxe
Category: Brain & Puzzle
Price: Free
This game is based on the classic rivalry between Cats and Dogs. In this game the characters are Cats and Dogs throwing things at each other over the fence which separate their yards. To throw stuff, you will need to keep your finger over your character. You will be awarded with some special stuff. They will be placed above your character and it can be thrown to your enemy by tapping on them. This wonderful Multiplayer game is at position 2 in our count down for the Top 5 Android Multiplayer Games.

 Pocket Legends3. Pocket Legends
Category: Arcade & Action
Price: Free
This game is a fantasy adventure multiplayer and 3D MMORPG – Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. The players are given characters of an elf, hawk or a bear and their role is to protect the world of Alterra aliens, crocs, zombies and more. When you protect your land from the enemies, you will unlock extra power which can be later used to customize your gameplay style. During gameplay new treasures and accessories can be obtained. Pocket Legends is ranked 3rd in our list of the Top Android Multiplayer Games.

Raging Thunder 24. Raging Thunder 2
Category: Racing
Price: Free
It is the sequel to the game Raging Thunder 3D. This is an adivanced version of the game with more fast and advanced gameplay. The gameplay abilities and 3D graphics is better than the previous installment. By controlling the accelerometer, you have to drive the vehicle to the finish line in the quickest time possible. You have to evade hurdles and other drivers to win the race. The game has various modes including an online multiplayer mode. This thrilling racing game is at 4 in our countdown for the Best Android Multiplayer Games.

gun.bros_.2-android5. Gun Bros 2
Category: Arcade and Action
Price: Free
Gun Bros 2 is an amazing shooter game for Android Devices. This game is one piece of an art for the most incredible gamers. But it has a boring 30 sec time lag between the sessions. One another thing that most of us don’t like is that you have to spend money to upgrade your weapons and accessories. But, that’s not going to be problem. You will gradually amass them through usual gameplay. This Arcade & Actin game is at position 5 in our list of the Top 5 Android Multiplayer Games.


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