Top 5 Paid Android Apps 2014

Top 5 Paid Android Apps 2014:-
There is an extreme amount of apps available for download on the Google Play Store, and it can be quite overwhelming to browse through these apps, especially for a person new to the Android platform. The amount of apps available for free are so huge that people tend to be sceptical about buying an app.

The thing about paid apps is that they have a guaranteed source of revenue, because of which you can always expect further development and support from the application developers. Also paid apps usually tend to be of higher quality than free apps, and are usually free of ads. So, here is a list of paid apps that are worth paying for.

Top 5 Paid Android Apps• SwiftKey Keyboard
Swiftkey keyboard is undoubtedly the best keyboard available on the Android market. This app analyses your typing patterns, learn from it, providing the best predictive text among all its competitors. It provides the most accurate autocorrect and next word prediction in about 61 languages. You can enable up to three languages at once, and this app is able to naturally combine languages without changing a setting. Also, with the SwiftKey Flow feature you can swipe instead of tapping making the experience even more awesome.

Top 5 Paid Android AppsLightFlow
Most android phones are equipped with an integrated multicolour LED. But there is very less flexibility in making use of this feature. LightFlow app is the answer to this predicament. LightFlow takes control of your notification LED and you can set the colours you want for particular notifications. You can even set LightFlow to sleep mode during which the LED doesn’t light up. This app is pretty useful as the user can understand what sort of notification he has without even turning on the screen.

Top 5 Paid Android Apps• Beautiful Widgets
Beautiful Widgets is the best app when it comes to personalising your home screen. Simply put, Beautiful Widgets is an app that aims to replace the other non-beautiful widgets on your device. There are limitless customisations available for the user to try on your home screen, by changing around the various skins available with the app. If you want your home screen to be filled with attractive widgets, this app is the one to go for, and it is worth every penny you pay.

Top 5 Paid Android Apps Poweramp Music Player
Poweramp is one of the most popular music players on Android. It has a huge number of skins and widgets available to download, probably more than any other music player. Poweramp offers a wide range of equaliser settings and sound settings, and it is safe to say no other music player offers the range of sound customisations that Poweramp does. Poweramp initially comes with a 15 day trial period, and you could try it out during this period. We are pretty sure you wouldn’t be disappointed, and buying this music player is completely worth it.

Apex Launcher Pro
Apex launcher has been around for quite a long time, and it still is one of the best launchers around for your smartphone. Apex launcher gives you a customised home screen experience on your android device. This app supports gestures, gives options for customising your app drawer, customisations are supported for icons , and options are provided to lock your desktop to prevent accidental changes. A whole chunk of themes are supported, allowing you to give your phone a complete makeover. Moreover, Apex launcher uses very little memory (RAM) and does not usually affect the phone’s performance. So, there is no harm done in investing some money on this wonderful app, and we are pretty sure you won’t regret it.

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