Top 5 Video Grabber Apps for Android

Here i have discussed some points on “Top 5 video grabber apps for android”. Downloading video files in an android devices can be sometimes nail biting if the file is too large or the internet connection is too slow. There is a solution for every problem, right? If you want a stable and fast download process, you can just install a Downloader app from Android Market. Here we are, with the list of top 5 video grabber apps for android.

Videoder App for Android1. Videoder
Videoder is one of the simplest video grabber app available for android devices in the app store. The user can simply search for a video that is integrated with the app. Then a list of videos matching your search will be displayed. All you have to do is tap on the video that you are looking for. Then the details of the video along with some links from which you can download the video will be displayed. When you tap on any of the link, the video will be downloaded to your default download folder. It tops in our ranking for the top 5 video grabber apps for android.

2. FVD – Free Video Downloader
This is another video grabber app available for devices running on android. FVD is second in our countdown for the video grabber apps for android. It allows user to download videos sharEasy Downloader Pro Logoed on the internet. When you run the app, it also gives the user to browse for videos. When you select that, a web browser like interface appears and there you can search for your video. If you find your video, you can simply tap on that and then a option for you to save that video to your device appears. There you can rename it and save it.

3. Easy Downloader
The developers of this app are the 2Easy team. They are one of the trusted app developers of the Play Store. Along with this video grabber app, you also need a web browser which is compatible with the app in order to download videos. On that browser you can search for your video. When it appears in the search results, open the video and tap on the share option. Then a pop-up to share the video appears and on it you have to select the Easy Downloader app. The video will then be downloaded to your device. Easy Downloader is third in our countdown.

Download Manager for Android4. Download Manager for Android
Download Manager is another video grabber app for Android. This allows user to download any types of file available in the internet. It is easy to download large files with this app. When you search for a content in the browser integrated with the app, a list of search results in picture, music, video etc matching your query appears. All you have to do is tap on any link shown under the video category and the video will be downloaded to your device. It ranks 4 in our countdown.

5. Video Downloader
This video grabber app is also provided with an integrated browser where you can search and download videos. It is also provided with a favourite tab which contains links to websites which contains downloadable videos. Select any site from the favourits tab and look for your video. There you can find an option to download the video. This app also gives you an option to rename the video. Video Downloader is at position 5 in our countdown for the top 5 video grabber apps for android.


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