Top 8 Reasons To Buy An Android Phone.

Here this post will check- Top 8 Reasons To Buy An Android Phone. As the smartphone revolution is reaching a pinnacle the operating systems running these smartphone are under a fierce competition among themselves to compete for the top position in the market. Some of the giants among the operating systems are Android, iOS and windows. At the peak of this list is the Android standing tall with almost 75 % of the smartphone users adopting the Android operating system. The android operating system obliterates most of the competitors with its extreme popularity among the users. The rest of the 25% of the competition is mostly dominated by iOS with small slice of the market to windows.

Android is a linux based operating system for smartphones as well as tablets. Android is owned by the technology giant google which has revolutionized its interface. Android has decimated most of its competitors mercilessly with many factors that are listed. Below you will find listed reasons as to why smartphone users prefer android phones more than any other operating system.

Here is List of Top 8 Reasons To Buy An Android Phone.

Apps and games availability:-
As of July 2013 Android is supposed to have more than a million apps in its play store .Each app assisting you in some way in gaming entertainment customization and almost everywhere. Although iOS has a similar app count that matches the android apps, the android have yet another leverage which is free apps. This could probably the best reason why the android is dominatrix in the market. The number of free apps in the google store (android) is much larger than that of the apple store. Consider the famous angry bird app which is available for .99$ in the apple store while it’s free in the google store.

Customization in the android is not simply limited to themes and wallpapers but also broadens to the entire interface including the touching experience. No operating system accommodates such freedom in customization. Android offers a wide spectrum of options for customization. All apps downloaded from the android market are compactable with the android handsets since it is written with the help of android software development kit.

Open source platform:-
Although being open source platform may not mean much to a regular user but to a developer this is a wonderful opportunity to work their magic and make it even more efficient by developing the platform. This allows the users to glaze the already brilliant android without engaging in a legal tangle in the future.

Vendor support:-
Unlike the iOS and symbian operating system which can be used only its apple and Nokia products respectively, the android has a wide variety of big name manufacturers including Samsung Sony HTC and LG. Considering the mass support to android devices even Acer and Dell are planning to release android based devices.

Social access:-
Unlike its competitors android software allows unrestricted usage of social media platform. The iOS system provides limited access due to security reasons and the windows software needs a synchronization with the Microsoft account whether you like it or not.

Custom launchers:-
If one does not want to spend unnecessary tie in rooting the android then one can use the launcher facility which makes the phone usage much more obvious. Custom launcher apps in the play store can twist avery layout of your phone from home screen to even gestures. These custom launchers open up a world of new possibilities which can be exploited according to the present need.

Affordable prices:-
If a customer is searching for an android product one can find a wide spectrum of prices ranging from 70$ to 1000$ price products. Therefore one can easily find a phone that satisfies the need as well as the budget. Android provides many more options to be incorporated into the phone that will fit the budget and also provides much more options.

Google products:-
The tech giant google owns the android and therefore every google product will be available easily with exact optimization in the smartphone including the google drive, plus, maps and much more. Other operating systems may charge you for using the same accessories.

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