How to Create Animated Video Using Goanimate in Simple 15 Steps


Wishing someone on important days like festivals, birthday and anniversaries is common. Sending them greetings via SMS and emails is most common practice. A greeting card is more surprising for person you are wishing to. If that greeting card is a animated video greeting card, it will be more awesome surprise for that person. In the past I have added article on "How … [Read more...]

How to Put YouTube Video on PowerPoint 2007 Without Internet

Embed youtube video into powerpoint presentation Without internet

In last article we have gone through steps for "How to Add a YouTube Video to a PowerPoint Presentation With internet connection". If you don't have working internet connection at presentation place, here is another way to add YouTube videos in PowerPoint. Without internet connection at presentation, you can play YouTube video in presentation. But this trick is … [Read more...]

How to Convert Slideshare Presentations into GIF image with GIFDec

Convert Slideshare Presentations into GIF

Slideshare is one of the best presentation uploading site that bring great audience to your particular project. It is available with great facility to embed entire presentation in your blog post. But it is too difficult to share through email or Twitter without losing its quality. To minimize this problem GIFDeck will help you. GIFDeck is a website or … [Read more...]

How to Make a GIF Image From a Video Clip

Make a GIF Image From a Video Clip

You'll get lots of free tools on internet which allow you to convert video file in to animated GIFs image. Animated GIF image will help you to attract user to your webpage's particular location. One I have places at my home page for user's subscription and got lots subscription because of it. GIF images accepted only on few sites like Flickr or Tumblr not all … [Read more...]