{2016 *} Bluehost Cyber Monday 80% OFF Offers on new Hosting Plan

Bluehost Cyber Monday Coupons

Sale time is going out!!! The treat for bloggers that started last week with black Friday and the cyber weekend is now about to end with cyber Monday sale, during the sale duration various domain name and web hosting service providing ventures announced tempting deals that included large discounts on their current hosting packages. One of the trustworthy brand name in … [Read more...]

Top 2 Secure Cloud Storage Services

Secure Cloud Storage Services

Cloud storage online services has definitely made it utterly seamless for you to access variety of data – photos, videos, Word documents, spreadsheets, and audio files; to name some – all in one cloud. The internet with the power of secure cloud storage services has made it possible for you to easily access all your documents from practically all known platforms and … [Read more...]

Learn How to Create Email Template in Salesforce

Learn How to Create Email Template in Salesforce

As an active Salesforce user, it is important for you to understand how to create email template in Salesforce. Using email template provides a number of benefits to the user. You can save a lot of time and the templates can also bring a good conversion rate as everyone in the company will start using the templates and optimize the emails they send. It is easy to … [Read more...]

Gravity Zone – Ensuring Security for Startups and SMEs

Gravity Zone

Today’s computing world is all about virtualization and cloud computing. As all organizations especially the startups and SMEs are endeavoring to reduce their organizational and operational costs and bring about better efficiency and high performance through virtualization, they are simultaneously looking for enhanced security of their virtual environment for better … [Read more...]

SiteGround Black Friday Sale 2016 Offers 70% Discount on New Web Hosting

siteground black friday 2015 Discount offer

One of the leading and popular webhosting service provider, Siteground announced about their siteground black Friday sale 2016. They’ve joined the black Friday event and going to compete with other web hosting service providers. They are known for their top-notch webhosting service. Many top bloggers and professional webmasters already recommended Siteground’s high … [Read more...]