How to Convert Slideshare Presentations into GIF image with GIFDec

Convert Slideshare Presentations into GIF

Slideshare is one of the best presentation uploading site that bring great audience to your particular project. It is available with great facility to embed entire presentation in your blog post. But it is too difficult to share through email or Twitter without losing its quality. To minimize this problem GIFDeck will help you. GIFDeck is a website or … [Read more...]

How to Make a GIF Image From a Video Clip

Make a GIF Image From a Video Clip

You'll get lots of free tools on internet which allow you to convert video file in to animated GIFs image. Animated GIF image will help you to attract user to your webpage's particular location. One I have places at my home page for user's subscription and got lots subscription because of it. GIF images accepted only on few sites like Flickr or Tumblr not all … [Read more...]

How to Set Auto-Expiry Date for Shared Folders And Files in Google Drive

How to Set Auto-Expiry Date For Shared Files and folders in Google Drive

Most of people like to share their doc or any kind of files in the public or in the friends circle. Sharing a file or folder on Google Drive is simply like dropping post paper in everyone's bed-room. But once you shared, it will remains in shared state for infinite time as it doesn't go down until you manually take action on it (Like delete it or simply change its … [Read more...]

Best Gaming Phone of 2014

Best Gaming Phone OF 2014

Best Gaming Phone of 2014:- Cell phone technology has changed very rapidly over the last few years. Modern day mobile devices have high resolution displays and multi core processors that are prepared for handling very weighty games. It is safe to express that latest mobile phone games possess graphics just like gaming consoles. The performances with the GPU(Graphics … [Read more...]