Virtual Keyboards

Virtual keyboard_2Now a days touchscreen technology is growing faster, and new ideas are invented. Virtual Keyboard is one of them. Some advanced cellphones or tablets are having facility of virtual keyboard. In that technology you have to just drag the keyboard of that particular device (i.e. cellphone or tablet) and drop on that area where you want to place that keyboard. The keyboard is created i.e. image of keyboard is created at that place. This type of keyboards are known as Virtual Keyboard. The Virtual Keyboard works as physical keyboard. You can type anything by touching the keys of virtual keyboard.

The working principle of Virtual Keyboard is based on optical recognition mechanism which allows the user to touch the projected key images. When you press the keys of physical keyboard computer converts these commands and convert into corresponding graphic. The virtual keyboard does exactly same thing by using sensors. It analyses the movement of fingers, communicates with computer and display the character you have typed.

For the projection of the keyboard on leveled surface there is device which consist a laser or beamer and camera which analyses the movement of the finger and send commands to the computer.

Advantages and Disadvantages :

  • Virtual keyboards are lighter and easier to travel with.
  • Layout of virtual keyboard can be changed.
  • It requires totally flat surface. If the surface is not flat there will be some trouble in adjusting the keyboard.
  • Typing speed is slower than physical keyboard.

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