Waterproof Cell Phones

water-proof-smartphonesSometimes you or maybe someone you already know, also been caught in the rain, and got an electronic gadget damaged? Now don’t worry about this type of situations. Golden Shellback is best option for this type of situation.

Waterproof cell phone uses Golden Shellback technology which provides moisture proof coating. This coating is repellent to water and oils, resistant to dust and dirt, and it isn’t flammable or harmful. This coating material is classified as a plastic and is designed to meet performance specification. It protects your electronic gadget when it dropped into the water or when it comes in contact with water.

Golden Shellback layer creates vacuum transferred film that is non flammable, has minimal toxicity and is able to weatherproof gadgets along with areas. It includes no unstable organic combustibles. The produced film is crystal clear, nearly non-detectable, homogeneous and insoluble with solvents. Whenever used on clean, humidity free areas, such as plastic material, aluminum, metallic, ceramic, material, jar as well as cup, this covering is clear or transparent along with fantastic water proofing and anti-corrosion qualities.

The coating process is actually created to avoid operational failure due to contact with humidity, immersion in water, dust particles, and side effects of large wind flow and chemical compounds. Any kind of solid surface area can be coated, such as steel, timber, plastic-type material, paper and fabrics. This technique implement the homogeneous, thin coating|layer of thickness between microns ti mils. The final product is actually inert and weather conditions and water-proof. Now enjoy the rainy season without worrying about your electronic gadgets.

Advantages & Disadvantages

  • This coating has an fantastic ability to repel natural oils, artificial liquids, dangerous components, airborne dirt and dust, dust as well as water based solutions
  • As the surface tension is lower, liquids will be drain out freely from covering area.
  • The latest, high-end functions such as High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) support for fast web browsing and social networking are little bit slower in these devices.

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    Thanks Pavan for sharing this post, if you’re using web frequently then internet speed matters and on these devices net speed is low so it’s depends upon person to person either choose waterproof phones or not.

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