Home Tech News A Look into the Best Six Features of the Galaxy S9

A Look into the Best Six Features of the Galaxy S9

A Look into the Best Six Features of the Galaxy S9

Galaxy S9 has some of the most enviable features that one could hope to have, in the form of a terrific OLED screen, the dual-aperture camera lens but there are other features as well which makes it attractive to customers.

We take a look at six of the best features of Galaxy S9 :

Iris Scan Do-Over

A different kind of technology is used by Samsung, compared to iPhone X. The phone’s iris-scanning feature has come up way before it has emerged in any ambitious phone from Apple. This feature is completely secured to even work with Samsung Pay and Android Pay as well. In case the scan does not work for the first time, people get a chance to do it once again.

Split-Screen Mode

Now we come to the feature of Split-Screen Mode. This allows a person to open up multiple applications at a time. You can open up a map, a calendar or even your email in one single pane, whereas you can go through a website or send a text message from another.

Fast-Access to Apps and People

There is a tab, which lives on the edge of quite a few Galaxy phones, known as Edge display. One can swipe to open up and get a kind of shortcuts bar, which can be accessed from any screen.

Range of Customizations

There are such a whole lot of submenus of settings and other advanced options in Galaxy S9 that one can easily get lost into them. Navigating through the options for customization can be exhausting but they can reward people with some exciting graphics or choice of layout.

Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay is one of the features which help people to make payment at almost any terminal, even on those that say they do not accept mobile payments. This works as a magnetic strip on a person’s credit card when it is held close to the mag-stripe reader.

Purple Color

Galaxy S9 comes with purple color, which is really deep, lustrous and change comes up when it is in the light.