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A New Leak Throws More Light On The Upcoming Apple iPhone

A New Leak Throws More Light On The Upcoming Apple iPhone

Just like every year, Apple is expected to come up with some new iPhone products in 2018 too. There were rumors that the company would be launching around three devices, with major upgrades on the screen size and an affordable price tag. However, a recently-surfaced leak has thrown more light on the specs of iPhone that is expected. It seems that Apple has a big surprise for its customers behind the stage. According to this leak, Apple would be launching an iPhone with 6.1-inch screen. Making things awesome, the panel would be using OLED screen tech for better quality.

In case you are wondering about the price, don’t worry: it will be higher. However, the leak also says that all iPhones are not going for this 6-inch upgrades. On the other hand, two of the three variants will have 5.8 and 6.5 inches respectively. The change is expected to a device, which was supposed to come with an overall screen size of 5-inch, with LCD tech on the back. The change also means that the price of this 6.1-inch phone will skyrocket, since the OLED tech is kind of expensive. Users can stay relieved, since there are two models that Apple calls affordable.

The move is not being loved, for two reasons. First, most people were relieved that Apple is releasing smaller screen iPhone of 5 inches, instead of going bigger. Second, it was expected to be quite affordable as well. If the leaks from the production site are true, both of these people will be disappointed. Users will get iPhones with bigger size and not-so-affordable price tags. To know whether these are true, we will have to wait for a long time, since the company has not confirmed any details about the launch. Most Apple fans hope that the company would not let them down.