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A Study Shows Climate Change Is Creating Severe Mental Health Issues


Global climate changing is affecting the whole, and there are already many predictions made by the health organizations which states it’s going to create more havoc in upcoming years. From last few years, the earth is getting warmer which is creating problems like droughts, hurricanes at extreme levels. Soon in future humans are going to see the impact of climate change both internally and externally.on their health. Because according to a recent health study which shows climate changing is creating more mental health problems than anticipated. Current health is done by the scientist who states that there are lots of evidence which shows the direct impact of climate change on the mental health of a person. In this case study more than 2 million Americans were randomly selected, and after studying them, it’s been concluded that the increasing hot temperature is the reason behind poor mental health.

According to Researchers climate change can causes problems like mood swinging. It’s been observed that many people were getting suicidal thoughts because of constant living in hot temperature environment. The data further shows that low-income individuals are getting most affected because of the climate change both mentally and physically. Many people think that the place of living does not matter that much when it comes to mental illness, but this study proves it wrong. People who can’t afford to live in a more calm and relaxed environment suffer the most as compared to other people who can easily afford to live in such places.

The relationship between climate change and mental health issues needs to study more seriously. The rising hot temperature can impact a person’s sleep, a daily routine of working, eating which ultimately increases more health issues. Now it’s certain that climate change needs to be taken under control. Otherwise, it will create more severe mental health problems in the future.