A Study Shows If You Don’t Like Math Then Your Kids Also Won’t Like It


    There are many humans on this planet which will agree to one single fact that they don’t like math because it’s been generally observed that many peoples don’t like solving mathematical problems, but it could also mean your kids too won’t like it. Because according to recent health study it shows that those parents who accept in front if their kids that they’re not good at math might impact negatively on their children’s ability to perceive mathematics. Because according to researchers parents shall not tell their kids that they’re not good enough at the hard subjects like maths because such kind of things lowers the kid’s interest to learn math due to which they poorly perform at subjects like Math.

    Many researchers did an experiment in Chicago in which they told the parents to say to their kids a math-related bedtime story. Now according to researchers, this experiment worked, and they found that the performance of kids improved a lot. Experts think that the math related bedtime stories improve the logical reasoning power of the kids which is necessary to understand the subjects like maths and that’s why these researchers are now advising to the parents to tell math related bedtime stories to their kids.

    It’s essential to create a mathematical environmental for the kids if parents want their kids to excel in this subject. Many people don’t like to study maths because they don’t understand it and that’s why researchers are urging the parents to create a beautiful, healthy environment which will ultimately help the kids to grasp basic concepts of math. It’s okay to be not good at math, but one shall promote such kind of behavior because in many ways it affects on children’s capability to understand Mathematics.