A Texas Walmart Decided To Open A Mental Health Clinic

    A Texas Walmart Decided To Open A Mental Health Clinic

    If there’s one thing for which Walmart is famous for then, it’s their incredible service of providing goods at the lower price. But, now you can able to book an appointment for your mental health check-up in Walmart also because recently a Texas Walmart has decided to open a clinic inside their retail center. Beacon Health Options which is a behavioral health company has agreed to open their clinic at a Walmart in Carrollton, Texas. The issue of mental healthiness is getting serious in the USA because the number of people who are going through such type of problems is increasing every year. Beacon Health Options company decided to choose to open their clinic in Walmart because according to them this place would be perfect to solve mental health problems.

    A few days ago Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) officially stated that the number of people who have died in last year due to the suicide has increased. According to the CDC, many of those people who commit suicide goes through severe depression and anxiety. Beacon Health Options company which have decided to open their clinic at Texas-based Walmart thinks that this strategy of the company would be able to find more people with mental illness. According to the company, there’s still a need of more mental health awareness in the country because many people can’t be able to express what they are feeling and we can’t ignore such kind of people.

    According to the report more than 10.1 millions of people live in that area where Beacon Health Options company have decided to open their clinic. If the company succeeds to provide the best mental health services, then many people in that area would be able to get the right amount of treatment for their mental illness. However, the company said that they are going to implement this strategy in other areas too. We hope this new strategy of the opening clinic at Walmart benefits those people who are in need of help.