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Admin of WhatsApp’s group can control participants from sending messages


The messaging giant WhatsApp adds a new feature that allows group admins to have control over the messages sent by their group members. This enables them to avoid any irrelevant chat taking place in the group. Admin can control the extraneous chat and restrict member to send messages that might make someone annoyed after reading.

Currently, the update is available for iOS and Android platform users. WhatsApp posted a blog saying, “Today, we’re launching a new feature in group settings where only admins can send the messages. People use groups to receive the broadcasted messages and announcements shared by the group admin or any other participant. The broadcasted messages may come from community centers, schools, colleges, or non-profit organization.”

Group settings include sending message option that allows admins to decide which participant in the group can send the message. Admins can either select all participants or only admin option to broadcast the messages in the group. The select option will enable all the members to send a message while only admin option restricts other participants to send messages. In latter one, group admin alone can decide whether others can post any matter on the group or not.

The feature will roll out soon after WhatsApp introduces group video and audio calling, payment for users and media visibility features for its beloved user. This new feature of WhatsApp is similar to its contending messaging app, Telegram.

Earlier, this year WhatsApp rolled out add description feature that lets all the participants and admins to add a description to every chat message broadcasted in the group. For doing this, users need to go the group chat, click on the group info icon, tap on the description button placed exactly below the group name to add the description.

At the same time, WhatsApp users will soon be able to make a video or voice conference call and add up to three users at a time. Along with iOS and Android users, the improved feature of WhatsApp will be available for Windows users as well.
It’s still unclear when the messaging app will unmask the video and audio calling feature for Windows operating system. But, it might make it as soon as possible, says WhatsApp.