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After Facebook, It’s Google Who Knows Everything About You


The search-engine giant ‘Google’ collects more personal data than the social-networking website- Facebook, by nearly all measures.
In the latest controversy over the social media Facebook’s 1.08% hunger for our personal data has surfaced the belief that the digital advertising industry could be dangerous to our confidentiality and well-being. On the off chance, the concern is about companies might be gathering some personal data with our no-consent or explicit consent then here is Alphabet’s Google which is a far bigger threat by several measures: the reach of its searches, volume of information, time people surfing the internet on how many websites and applications.

Latest regulations, especially in Europe are driving the search-engine giant – Google and others to unveil more and get permissions from their users on sharing the personal data. And offered the choice, several people might even be okay with the trade-off of private data for web services. Still, we don’t even know to which extend our data is being gathered and used.

According to Princeton University’s computer scientist and assistant professor, Arvind Narayanan, It’s a universal problem that is not just restricted to Facebook. A big problem is that when the business model of these companies is geared to the privacy violation. Thus, we need to understand the role of Google in this case.

As everyone is well-aware of it that Facebook privacy breach rattle all around the world but some people believe that the problems are just the in its initial phase only. For example, as per some sources, Google collects huge data on every individual that if it printed then it would be a stack of 8 feet tall. Not just this, the collection of data is done per person every 2 weeks, reported The Sun.

The Wall Street Journal pointed many data points that the most-popular search portal- Google tracks for all people that includes search history, internet browsing thought it doesn’t end here only. It also tracks and keeps records of your mobile applications and in-store purchase. Similarly to the social media, it maintains shadow profiles of people who really have never sign up for the platform, some believe.
Numerous people deliver rich data to corporations by permitting phone applications to gain access to anything from their contact lists, and location information, and also the camera of their phone and mics. On the basis of it, data is harvest and sold in the market by data brokers to someone who wishes to purchase it. Thus users without being paid for sharing the data are more exposed to their private data and brokers are getting damn rich and certainly, the privacy of users is utterly disregarded.

Moreover, the platforms like Facebook and Google are also getting a huge profit from the data they are collecting and utilizing it for generating money. Google knows everything about you as it has your voice recordings from when they utilized Google Assistant. The search-portal has also saved all of your location histories and knows where you had been over the past eight years.

Inopportunely, people have been utilizing these platforms since a lot of time that they now have become dependent on it.