Home Applications After WhatsApp, Microsoft Brings a Payment Option

After WhatsApp, Microsoft Brings a Payment Option

Microsoft Wants Bills Paid in Outlook

Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft Company is coming up with a new feature to its Outlook where it will allow its users to make the payment. Yes, you heard right! One of the most popular Tech giants, Microsoft is willing to keep all the office users inside its applications for as long as possible. The latest feature to be added to Outlook (Email service of Microsoft) does exactly the same by eliminating the need to leave Outlook to pay bills.

Microsoft holds a good reputation in the market for developing, manufacturing, support, licenses and selling the consumer electronics and computer software. They have decided to ease the payment system in Outlook by permitting the payment of invoices or bills to be held just right in the email. Thus when you get an email containing a payment demand then you can simply choose to pay at the same time and within the email service. It also manages the payment through Microsoft Pay and users are allowed to carry on sorting through the rest of their emails.

Support is at the utmost priority for the users with payment processors that includes Stripe and Braintree. The company has signed up Zuora billing service, and invoice services like FreshBooks, Wave, Intuit, Sage, and Xero. Soon Fiserv will be added to the list. What a business needs to do is to just embed a payment action in the Outlook email and then send it to the customer.

Users may not find this latest streamlined payment option immediately. The Tech Company intends to begin this service with Outlook.com customer. Other new users are also supposed to be added every month till it enters the market to all.

It’s going to be interesting to find if the Microsoft users are actually going to trust this latest method of payment. The accessibility is clear, and as long as the Tech Company, Microsoft makes it simple it could prove widespread.

It is also launching Adaptive Cards as a new way to enhance Actionable Messages which were announced in the previous year. Essentially, Actionable Messages let any email, conversation or workflow process to be turned into a task promptly. ‘Adaptive Cards’ is an innovative format to present the information that works across Outlook.com, Teams, Windows in Timeline View, and within Microsoft voice-assistant Cortana.

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