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All The Pixel Camera Apps Will Now Entail External Microphone Support

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Along with the launch of new Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones, Google has made another important announcement of releasing pixel camera app that will come with integrated microphone support.  Previously, these devices acquired the provision of third-party Android camera apps such as Open Camera to record videos and audios.

But, having an integral support will be beneficial for those who use content creation tool to edit photos and videos.  The launch of external microphone support will go hand-in-hand with the release of Pixel smartphones on October 18th, said one of the spokespeople of the company.

Along with external microphone support for new Pixel phones, Google will also roll out some new cameras software features for older versions of Pixel phones.  Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL might be the finale devices of this year. All the cons of Pixel 3 device will be covered in Pixel 3 XL says the company.

An engineer of Google wrote on Google forums that, “Upcoming Pixel 3 will launch an Android-compatible plugin external microphones.  This hardware plugin will now be a default camera app of Pixel smartphones.

Pixel 3 will be of 5.5-inch display size having an OLED display screen.  Further, it will sport 8 megapixels of both front and rear camera along with 2915 mAh of battery size.  Price of the Pixel 3 will range from $960 to $1081 having two variants. The one with 64GB storage space will cost $960 and the second one with 128GB space will be $1081.

On the contrary, Pixel 3 XL with 64GB storage will cost you till $1122 while that of 128GB will be $1244.”  Pixel 3 will encounter the best ever smartphones of the market through its influential weapon ‘artificial intelligence’.  Using AI will give a new toll to the smartphone industry.

This time Google has worked on an intersection of hardware and software. Hence, it’s definitely bring an overwhelming experience for the users.