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All the Upcoming iPhone Smartphones might come in bigger size, the rumors say


Upcoming iPhone Smartphones:- Save this year as it’s going to make a history in Apple’s journey. Till now, Apple released a number of stimulating iPhones that were really breathtaking.  However, all of them were of insignificant size.  Apple will soon make an announcement to release larger size upcoming iPhone editions in early September.

These smartphones will be larger than ever what Apple has released until now.  It plans to reveal three iPhone models this year.

What will be the size of Upcoming iPhone Smartphones?

The first one will be the successor of iPhone X that will be called as iPhone X Plus having a massive 6.5-inch display size.  It will be the largest iPhone ever, even larger than Samsung Galaxy Note 9.  The present iPhone X has the display size of 5.8-inch.

The second one will be an update of iPhone X.  It will inherit the same features and screen size but will be named as iPhone XS.  All the previous S models of iPhones will get minor updates from the company.

The third one of 6.1-inch bigger will have an intermediate size and price than the other two.  An initial price might start from $800 with lower resolution.  iPhone X Plus and iPhone XS will have overpriced OLED screens.

Tim Bajarin, an analyst at Creative Strategies said, “It’s all about videos.  People today are fonder of watching videos over the phone and hence the demand for the larger screen.”  The older home screen button in previous iPhones will be replaced by Face ID system in all the three upcoming iPhones, he further added.

People those who still want a home button of the older devices, here’s a good news for them.  They can still choose older devices that will receive an upgrade at the lower prices.  Apple will still sell iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 in the market that will entail home button at cheaper prices.  The two premium iPhones will start at $1000 costlier than the iPhone X.