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All the users now need to go through an Instagram Verification Process

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User authentication and verification is the prime most requirement of security.  The most widely used social networking application, Instagram has opened its account verification process for all the users.  This can probably make it the safest place to hang out.

The verification process lies within the platform itself.  Like other social networking sites, they are also recognizable by blue check marks.  If you try to verify your account details externally, they charge you thousands of bucks.  Facebook is offering this service to every individual user of Instagram.

Instagram has made the badge process quite easier and transparent.  Any user can request for verification within a few steps.

Following are the steps that one needs to follow for the Instagram Verification Process:

  1. Request for verification:

User’s first need to request for verification of their account.  They can visit the settings menu and search for “Request Verification” option.

  1. Provide your details

After clicking on the request verification option, users need to provide required documents such as ID proof (national ID cards, driver’s license, or a passport). You can also submit alternatives to these documents such as tax filing, or electricity bill provided that the document matches your legal name.  These details will be totally private and will not be shared with the public community.

  1. Hold up for Instagram to process and review your request

After the user fills in all the details and provides necessary documents, they need to hold on for few minutes while Instagram processes and reviews your request.  Once, it’s done with the process it will send you a notification whether your request has been accepted or rejected.  Before approving your account, Instagram will gauge a number of parameters such as authenticity, completeness, uniqueness, and notability.

Authenticity:  It denotes a real person, organization, or business.

Completeness:  Users should provide all the necessary details such as profile picture, ID proof, date of birth etc.

Uniqueness: Instagram will approve your account only in case it’s unique and does not hail any general interest or fake accounts.

Notability: This is most probably the toughest criterion to go through.  Your account will be approved only if you lie among the famous and well-known personality, a brand or an entity.

Hence, it’s a total mystery to say, which user account will be approved and which will be rejected.  If you are rejected, you can re-apply for the same after 30 days.  Additionally, Instagram will provide all the third-party application authenticators and about pages that will reflect the user’s all basic account details, how long they were active and country of their origin.