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Almost 90% of Android Apps from the Play Store share user’s data with Google

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of the apps from Play store share data with Facebook.  While, some amount of data is also shared with other social networking sites such as Verizon, Amazon, Twitter, and Microsoft.  In answer to this comment, Google denied accepting this blame.

The search giant said, “Across all the websites owned by Google and Play store apps, we have clearly stated all the terms and conditions that user needs to accept before installation.  It states how developers or third party individuals handle user data.” “Developers here keep transparency while handling the data and if anyone violates our policy we do take the strict actions”, they further stated.

The report claims that Google uses this huge amount of data shared with them for their advertisements and marketing.  They plan to make heavy revenue out of it. Vital user information includes their age, gender, location, and phone number.  Hence, the tech companies or the service providers should ensure that the data, which user’s share should be secured and not used by the company for their own benefit and advertising.

Users usually get targeted when they find some policies and services for free.  But they fail to remember that nothing comes free. Purchasing a premium package is far better than opting for a virus and risk-prone service.  Reports generated in last month reveal that Google accesses our location even if we have turned it off. After all this mess and claims, Google should explain what their terms and policies actually mean and what level of security have they provided to the users instead of denying the scamp done.