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Amazon And Google Are Listening To Your Conversation

Amazon And Google Are Listening To Your Conversation

The world is changing at a faster rate, and so are tech companies. Recently big tech companies Google and Amazon said that they listen to users data. There have been lots of rumors that said Google voice assistant and Amazon’s Alexa might be listening to the conversation. Now since both companies have talked about it officially that they look to users voice recordings, it’s finally cleared. Nowadays, many people use Alexa, and Google Assistant for searching their desired things, and tech companies are using voice data of all these users. There are several gadgets which are embedded with Alexa and Google assistant, which means you can’t avoid them, and they have access to everything you do.

Many speculations were going on plus some people even doubted whether tech companies use their data and now it’s proved that yes. Google and Amazon said that they use this data to increase their assistant’s capacities. Currently, there are some serious questions which are in the mind of users like is it a threat to their privacy?. Now even if both companies said that they don’t share these data to the third party, it’s still not clear whether such things happen or not. A few days ago, a report came that said some employees from Amazon might be listening to the voice recordings of Alexa users.

Amazon said that they were using that data to enhance voice assistant quality, and even if that’s true, it still raises important questions on the reliability of big companies. Spokesperson of Amazon said that they don’t give direct access of data to its employees and it’s perfectly safe. They answered all the information is protected and can’t be used by anyone without authentication. Google even shared the voice data they used to improve Google Assistant, and it shows only a few peoples current data has been used in that process.