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Amazon Bans Users Who Returns Products Too Much

Amazon Bans Users Who Returns Products Too Much

Compared to other online shopping platforms, Amazon is noted for its considerate returns policy, which also makes people confident to purchase from the website. The Return Policy is so simple that customers will be able to return a product if they are not satisfied or if there are any problems in it. However, following abuse of the same convenient feature, Amazon has decided to take a tough decision. It will ban users permanently if they are using the return-policy too much. Overabundance of return requests in your account may lead to the permanent ban of Amazon account, without prior warnings.

In its response to Wall Street Journal, Amazon said that, “We want everyone to be able to use Amazon, but there are rare occasions where someone abuses our service over an extended period of time. We never take these decisions lightly, but with over 300 million customers around the world, we take action when appropriate to protect the experience for all our customers.” It basically means that many people were using this return policy for their own profit and without proper reasons. The ban is supposed to decrease number of unnecessary return requests, which would help the company serve customers better.

However, the real problem here is that Amazon does not show any prior notification before putting the ban on an account. The user will not be able to know that something is wrong until they get the Your-Account-Is-Banned email from the company. This move has caused a lot of criticism from the public, though. That having said, most of the reported cases said that the ban was able to overcome, at least at this point. Users were able to restore their accounts, on the condition that there would be some logic behind the use of return policy. Amazon had previously responded to overabundance of refund requests by imposing bans.