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Amazon Finally Revealed They Are Working On Lord Of The Rings MMO

Amazon Finally Revealed They Are Working On Lord Of The Rings MMO

When it comes to MMO, there are many games which so far has addicted millions of gamers. Now, after seeing a great opportunity into this field, Amazon also has decided to enter by developing much rumoured Lord of the rings theme based MMO. Amazon recently revealed a long rumour about Lord of the Rings MMO, which is now getting drafted with the help of Amazon gaming studios. Now it means people are going to receive to the game and a TV show which they have already revealed.

Amazon’s Game Studios VP Christoph Hartman said that “Tolkien’s middle earth is one of the finest fictional worlds and it gives the team an excellent opportunity to our MMO developers to create new games”. There have been already some rumours that said Amazon is working on developing MMO, but even if that’s true, nothing had been confirmed by Amazon. But it seems like Amazon has been putting a lot of effort into developing, which gives users hope that they will witness a high-quality game from Amazon.

However, this is not going to be the first MMO game which was based in Tolkien’s fictional world. Because there are some famous games which were developed by many developers on Tolkien’s vast fiction world. When Amazon revealed its planning of launching games based on Tolkien’s fiction world last September, a spokesperson said that it would be about exploring major regions in middle earth before all the events happened in Lord of the Rings. Amazon prime is planning to bring a new web series also based on Lord of the Rings which might get lots of success since the trilogy of LOTR is already famous. Amazon Game Studio said that they are making this game in collaboration with a Chinese company named Leyou. It’s still not surprising why Amazon is spending so much amount of money on Tolkien’s fiction world.