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Amazon is giving a discount on Apple Air Pods Pro

Amazon is giving a discount on Apple Air Pods Pro

Amazon is selling Apple Air Pods Pro at a discount price of $14 lesser for 12th December 2019. People may think it’s not a massive discount on Air Pods Pro, but considering the popularity of Air pods, because they are brand new and even considering Apple is giving discounts, people should welcome the discount. Air Pods Pro is the hottest and latest accessory of Apple right now and for a good reason. And as the price is $100 is more than Air Pods, including charging case, Air Pods were the first Apple earbuds, which gives features like active noise cancellation (ANC). Here are a few tips when using Air Pods.

  1. Open the flip case for checking the battery-The Air Pods Pro integrated with iOS 13. Whenever users open flip paired cases of Air Pods Pro, and the user can see how much battery is remaining Air Pods in with the help of a pop-up graphic in the case.
  2. 2. Use Air Pods with the Announce Messages with feature Siri-User can use Announce message with feature Siri once it is getting implemented.
  3. 3. User doesn’t have to use both Air Pods Pro while using ANC- If the user is listening to media and one of the earbuds of Air Pod removed, the media automatically stops, but the user can activate ANC by changing the settings. So, there will not be a need for using two earbuds at a time.

As Earbuds are soft, it gives full relaxation, and the user can enjoy Air Pods, and the user can use Air pods whenever he wants to ignore some heavy sound. Usually, the price of Air Pods Pro is $249, but if anyone wants to buy it, buy it today itself because Amazon is giving a discount of $14 discount, so the price of Air Pods Pro will be $234.  Amazon reported Air Pods, Pro is out of stock, but Amazon will start shipping Air Pods Pro as Christmas is coming, Amazon will provide Air Pods Pro to the customers by the next week.

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