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Amazon Looking To Give Alexa A Memory; Make It More Natural

Amazon Alexa

Alexa from Amazon will soon be able to remember what you asked it a few hours ago. Amazon is looking to make it more natural with natural conversational skills. The company will give Alexa a feature to store commands given by the users. This will enable her to launch skills more quickly and naturally. Amazon announced its intention to make its virtual assistant not just smart but also more humane and engaging.

Alexa Brain team of Amazon made announcements at the World Wide Web Conference in Lyon, France. Basis announcement, Alexa is set to have more control over memory, context and dialogue skills. She will be boosted by more than 40,000 third party skills. This will make her more users friendly and interacting.

The memory updated Alexa will soon be launched in the United States.  Alexa will have the ability to store questions asked by users and retrieve answers for them later. Users can store birthday reminders on her which was earlier done by either SMS, email or your own brain. The memory update feature on Alexa is something that was a long time coming.

Memory is not the only update Alexa is getting. The AI device will soon be able to make more human-like conversation with users. Instead of answering queries like a bot, users will get more appropriate responses. Amazon has taken advantage of its deep learning models and applied them to enhance language skills of Alexa. USA, UK, and Germany users can also look forward to getting a natural conversation on Alexa very soon.

The third party voice apps will also be updated on Alexa. Alexa then could check your credit card bills, play the radio or even book a cab for you. As part of the updates, Alexa will also recommend users with the product to ease skills. For instance, if you ask Alexa about removing a stain from a shirt, it will open a detergent product from Amazon online store. The company sees this as a trend to increase revenue generating model.