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Amazon Spreading Its Wings With Key In-Car Deliveries in Some U.S. Cities


One of the most popular e-commerce platforms, widely called Amazon has recently launched a new feature known as “Amazon Key” for customers to permit the delivery boys to enter their home and drop off the packages directly. Today, the e-commerce giant has unveiled the expansion of this new and unique service into “Amazon Key In-Car.” Thinking that will they deliver the products to your car? Yes, you are right, now the Prime members of Amazon in some specific cities of the U.S.A. are listed for this service to work on. Now users are allowed to select an in-car delivery option when you are not at your home or you are in some hurry.

This new service is made available to the users at with no additional cost for Prime members but it’s restricted to some vehicle brands only such as GMC, Chevrolet, Volvo, Buick, and Cadillac. People can check the eligibility of their vehicle on the official website of Amazon that is Amazon.com and can also download the e-commerce Amazon Key iOS application to finish the setup.

According to Peter Larsen who is the Vice President of Delivery Technology of the company, they’ve successfully delivered everything inside the home with Amazon Key service since last November. Customers also appreciated their new step and loved the ‘keyless guest entry’ feature that is being able to control their front door from anywhere with the Amazon Key Application.

The latest feature approaching cars would also give users the same peace of mind. There is no such additional hardware required for the in-car delivery feature.

Customers can shop as usual from the website of the company or with Amazon mobile application by choosing the eligible address, then select in-car delivery at checkout. Amazon application provides users a four hour time window for transfer and asks the car to be parked within two blocks of the chosen address.

Then when the delivery arrives, the company says that it permits the delivery driver prior to unlocking the car and then the application alerts the user that the package is now delivered in his/her car and the car is relocked now.

Amazon Key In-Car feature launches today across 37 cities of the United States.